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Lisfranc sprain? Really? –BC recap and injury report

So, that there is the Lisfranc joint....

So, before a few weeks ago, the words Lisfranc sprain had never been introduced into my vocabulary. Why? Because they are extremely rare–in fact, only occur in one per 55,000 persons per year, which makes it some extremely bad luck that both Jeron Gouveia-Winslow AND Bruce Taylor have suffered this injury this season. Gobbler Country has a good article on who has been hurt this season, and it ain’t pretty, folks. It’s distressing. But, on the bright side, and talk about making love out of nothing at all, VT is ranked 12th in the nation in total defense right now. So while the injuries continue to mount up and sound like a cause for concern, I’m not going to go making a problem where none seems to exist.

Image from Tech Sideline.com

As for the game recap, here goes. The first half could be described as pedestrian at best, inert at worst. Passing game–flat. Running game–not there. Fortunately, David Wilson agreed with me, and told Shane Beamer so at halftime. Good thing Shane listened, to the tune of 134 yards and breaking the 100o yard mark. He is now leading the nation in rushing. Yippee!

And as for the race, so to speak, for the Coastal Division title, Heather at ESPN tells us it’s wide open.

By comparison, the Coastal Division is so wide open that Duke still controls its own destiny. The Blue Devils have yet to play a Coastal Division opponent. Virginia? In it to win it. The Cavaliers win out, they could be playing in Charlotte. Five of the six teams are within one loss of each other. Georgia Tech needs some help because it already has two division losses. If the Jackets win out, they could still play for the ACC title, but there could also be a third team with just two losses that would win the head-to-head tiebreaker like Miami or Virginia.

However, I’m not sure it’s as wide as she wants to think, as she neglects to point out that VT is the only Coastal team with only 1 conference loss, and that Georgia Tech has to play Clemson this week. Plus, Virginia plays Miami on Saturday, and both teams have a history of being completely unpredictable after a win. So is the division Virginia Tech’s to lose? Maybe. Hopefully.

Oh, and one more thing. The uniforms? Bad. Really, really bad, Orange Effect be damned. (Was it even Orange Effect? Who knows. They were terrible, though). I’d struggle to get going in those things, too.