Moving on in mediocrity-Cincinnati

Um, we’re just not a very good football team, ya’ll.

It makes me sad to say it. But, it’s true. And I know this to be true NOT EVEN HAVING WATCHED the game on Saturday. Yep, I didn’t watch it. I was with my daughter at a church group function, so I taped it, and got updates from ESPN ScoreCenter on my phone. And I could tell just by reading the updates at each quarter and each score that we’re just not very good. Scoreless in the first quarter. 2 Cincinnati field goals. Finally, a VT touchdown, not from the offense but set up by a defensive interception. A back and forth second half where it was apparent that the Hokies were trying to get some offense going 2 quarters too late, while the defense was starting to give up yardage. Then, at 1:49, a VT score. Up 24-20. Less than two minutes left.  I start refreshing my phone every minute. 1st and 10. 2nd and 10. 3rd and 10. Great. We’re going to snatch a victory out of defeat or whatever. Then, touchdown, Cincy. What?????? You can’t play a little defense for a minute and a half? How does someone get behind you with less than a minute left to play?

I deleted the game, so I won’t ever know. And I’m okay with that. I didn’t really need to see this game anyway. I’ve seen it at least half a dozen times over the years. We all have. And we wonder about how to take the step forward, to where the elite teams live. We tell ourselves that next year will be that year.  Then, it isn’t. And it isn’t the next year either.

For those keeping score,the Hokies could still pull out an ACC title this year. I doubt it, but it’s still out there, and the vaunted 10 win season would still be intact. But did anyone see Clemson and FSU play? They aren’t even playing the same game the Hokies are playing right now. They have speed, versatility, a Plan. Coaches who are going to do whatever it takes to keep the program moving ahead. Not backward. They have fire. VT? Not so much.

Tech Sideline talked about this season seeming kind of like 2003 and I had also been thinking along those lines. As disappointing a season as that was (and it was really disappointing because of the vast talent VT had that just went to waste), it opened the door to at least some defensive changes. And those changes helped  opene the door to the 10 win seasons that we can’t stop talking about and pointing to and saying that as long as we win 10 games a season we’re a-ok, right?

This team isn’t as talented as the 2003 team was. Our superstars maybe aren’t quite the superstars we thought they were. This team will be fortunate to end up in the Diamond Walnut San Fran bowl. (Do they even still have that anymore? Shrug.) But maybe that’s okay. Maybe falling down a little will help us get back up and head in the right direction.

I wish I knew what to write next. I keep writing things and then deleting them, then replacing them with something else, and deleting that too. It’s bad now, guys. Where will we go from here? And how long before we just don’t care anymore?

I want to care. I don’t want to hit “delete” on my DVR without even a flicker of doubt. I don’t want to miss a game.I look forward to football season all year.  But I’m tired of being disappointed. We all are.

So we head to UNC this week where the outcome could be just about anything. Here’s hoping someone lights a really hot fire under some people. Let’s get to it. No excuses. No explanations. Believe.


11 responses to “Moving on in mediocrity-Cincinnati

  1. I keep seeing comments where people say that “maybe we need a bad year” to get the changes this program needs to move forward. I want to agree with that and I do a little but it is hard to let that be a reason to let this season go. I also feel that we should not be surprised this is where we are. This season is going to show what type of a coaching staff we really have. I think we have the talent but I see a group of young guys who are not being pushed to perform at their peak at ALL times. We did well to recruit them but now they need to be coached properly. We are we modifying our offense on a down year anyway? Plus we don’t even use the pistol the way it was intended.

    • Yeah, I don’t want to write the whole season off as a wash, either. Heck, in my wildest imaginings, we come out stoked against UNC and run the tables from here, turning rags to riches, so to speak. But I’m pretty sure that is probably not going to happen. And as for the pistol? We never should have installed it anyway. All we need is yet another offensive scheme we can’t execute properly.

  2. Well said, Football Girl. We have far too much talent to be losing to Pitt and Cincy.

    • Exactly. Sometimes I wonder which is worse, losing the heartbreaker or losing to the teams we should never be losing to.

  3. I think that the D keeps catching a lot of flack but most people don’t understand that the lack of offense is not helping them out. Opponents drives are averaging over 5 mins. That is a lot of time for the big guys on the line to be out there. It is also how we always played offense before this year. Pound the ball at the opposing D until they got soft and them break for a big run or hit a receiver on an open route. No more. ESPN kept showing that Tech now plays a “multiple offense” type scheme. At this point it would be great to see us run 1 type of offense.

    • The defense doesn’t exactly get a pass for what happened at the end of the game, but you’re spot on about the time of possession woes. When the O goes three and out over and over, they get absolutely no rest. I’m sure it gets exhausting, especially when they know they are counted on to make the “big play” to bail the offense out and get a defensive score. And I’m so tired of the multiple offense thing. Just pick ONE THING and do it right. Then worry about picking up another thing.

      • Everything points to change. I am glad to see the coaches getting fired up and I love the fact they are sticking up for their players so morale doesn’t sink lower. But let’s get real. Until the plays are called correctly it won’t make a difference.

      • football girl

        I’d like to see the right coaches fired up though-of course Foster is going to be fired up. What about Newsome, O’Cain and Stiney? Where is their fire?

      • I don’t think that O’Cain or Stiney have the passion for Virginia Tech that Foster does. That’s the difference to me. I think that some of it is coaching but if you aren’t passionate about what you are trying to teach then the guys being taught won’t be passionate about the execution. I really feel like these guys are a cancer to the program.

  4. Hey Football Girl ! What about that UNC game? Another stellar performance! By the OTHER team….. Looks like .500 is gonna be a real stretch.

    • Another stellar performance, indeed. It’s going to be a loooong rest of the season, no doubt. I don’t even know what to say about this team anymore, I really don’t.

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