Georgia Tech on a Thursday night-what could be better?

(Well, a lot of things, actually, but I just needed a title).

Things I have learned this week in my pregame blog reading about Thursday night’s VT at GT matchup:

  • The flexbone, decoded. (That sounded a little dirty, didn’t it?)
  • And why it’s so difficult to defend.
  • That VT has a history of not performing so well the week after a bye.
  • Hokies After a Bye Week
    Year Opp. Result Total Offense
    2006 BC 22-3 L 181
    2007 BC 14-10 L 265
    2008 BC 28-23 L 240
    2008 Maryland 23-13 W 400
    2009 UNC 20-17 L 256
    2010 GT 28-21 W 335

    Bud Foster decided it was a good week to make a lot of defensive changes.

You know who I miss? Reggie Ball. Too bad we’re not playing that Georgia Tech team again. 
Really, this game is one of those where so many different things could happen. The only real guarantee is that I will be perilously close to vomiting at all times until the end of the game. I guess it wouldn’t be Georgia Tech otherwise.
Quick list of things that cannot happen if the Hokies hope to win this game:
  • Start off slowly on offense. Here are some handy charts I didn’t make on why this is a terrible idea and didn’t work so well in 2008, 2009, or 2010.
  • Miss tackles or assignments. Defending against this offense isn’t just swarming to the ball and hoping for the best. It’s sitting and watching and knowing what your guy is doing at all times, lest he get away from you and run 30 or so yards before you stop him.
  • Forget that every so often, GT will pass. And when they do, they will burn you if you’re not ready for it.
  • Shank punts. Run backward instead of forward when you are returning punts. Allow GT to get good field position when they are returning said shanked punts.
But I’ve gotta stop being all gloom and doom. After all, the Hokies did win this game last year and I was reminded this morning of this fact:
So here’s what we do. Come out fighting. Run, pass, catch, score. Block, tackle, force fumbles. Focus. Prepare. Plan. No excuses, no explanations. Believe. Win.
And that’s it.

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