So girls don’t know football, huh?

Had an interesting experience while grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, and I thought I would share it with you guys. 

Not only am I chock full of football knowledge, but I also worry quite a bit about the environment, and do my part by taking my own bags to the grocery store.  One of my bags happens to be a Virginia Tech bag.  My bagger, a guy who apparently thought he could impress me with his football talk, tried to engage me in football conversation.  The exchange went something like this:

Idiot Bagger:  Viginia Tech, huh?  Guess since you’re a girl you don’t really know much about football, though. 

Me (Otherwise known as Football Girl):  Um, well, actually I do.

Idiot Bagger:  So do you know who Michael Vick is?

(And yeah, he asked that.  And I answered with the straightest face I could manage.)

Me:  Yeah.

Idiot Bagger:  Did you know he got picked up by another team?

Me:  Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Idiot Bagger:  Oh, right.  He is probably going to be playing soon.

Me:  Yes, under the terms of his reinstatement, he is eligible to play after sitting out the first two preseason games.  (And I know his terms were a little more complicated than that, but this guy didn’t seem like he would know anyway, so I left it at that.)

Idiot Bagger:  Oh, have they already played two games?

Me:  Yes.

Me:  (Just because I was feeling a little evil.)   Did you know that Macho Harris was also drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles?

Idiot Bagger:  Really?  I wonder which one will end up as the backup quarterback?

Me:  I actually just said nothing here.  There was clearly nothing else to say.

And that’s why, folks, that I hate getting into football conversations with people who clearly don’t know crap about the game.  Don’t go there with me if that’s all you’ve got. 

Maybe I should get some Football Girl cards made up…..then when someone starts talking to me about football when they don’t know enough to carry their end of the conversation, I could just hand them a card.  Enough said.


One response to “So girls don’t know football, huh?

  1. Nicceee… Yeah, I hate those type of people too. I don’t even bother anymore, and just let them feel smart. Should have messed around with him, but I’m sure you just wanted to get out ASAP.

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